If you've been waiting for the next step in ski boat performance evolution, the 2020 Malibu Response TXi gives you the reason to upgrade that you've been waiting for. Like the original TXi, the new model is easy to handle and makes an ideal ski boat for any line length and skill level.

The 2020 TXi creates our softest flattest wakes ever while putting a sharper edge on unmistakable Malibu Style. Whether you're a pro going for a world record or a newcomer to waterskiing, the nimble, competition-proven and consistent Malibu Response TXi will give you your best experience on the water.

Choose the classic closed-bow design with seating for up to five or the contemporary open-bow model to take along two more friends. With either one, precision -driven engineering and design make the new Response TXi an compromised performer.

The famous T-Cut Diamond hull with a wider bow, adjusted chines and angled strakes. The 2020 TXi gives a better ride on the water, with increased lift and a more forgiving wake. The driver will feel higher precision handling at tournament speeds for all three events, while skiers who are looking to set a new personal best will notice the TXi's utter consistency and performance.

With lowered the dash we have created improved driver sight-lines, because better for the driver means better for the skier. We improved ergonomics and storage and added a new Zero Off integrated 4.5" touch screen for our flagship Malibu open Edition. Details like new billet aluminium folding ski racks, glove-box and rear hatch lids exemplify renowned Malibu attention to details.

The truth is on the water in the unrivaled performance of the all-new Malibu Response TXi.

Length 20'6" | 6.25 m
Beam 95" | 2.41 m
Dry Weight 3,100 lbs | 1,406 kgs
Draft 22" | 0.56 m
Fuel Capacity 40 gal | 151 Ltrs
Hull Type T-Cut Diamond
Capacity Open Bow 7 people | Closed Bow 5 people

  • Record Setting T-Cut Diamond Hull
  • Seven-Seat Open Bow Version
  • Lifetime Hull Warranty
  • Designed For All Ski Levels

Malibu Open Edition (optional)

  • Malibu Open Edition Badging
  • 7" Touch Screen
  • Zero Off Cruise Control
  • Custom Billet Aluminium Accents